Information, true or false, can become viral and put YOUR business or reputation at risk. All online data you can’t control is a potential ‘Google Bomb’.

Our DRM services offer  solutions to eradicate or limit information in the public domain.

1. Digital Deception
2. First 48 Hours Reputation Crisis Response
3. Digital Reputation Strategy
4. Reputation Monitoring

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“Online , your reputation is quantifiable, findable and totally unavoidable.”

Technology and Culture writer
Clive Thompson

We use the DRM Toolkit to manage your Reputation Online

• Digital DNA: Locate your online information
• Monitor your Online Presence: Live, Daily or weekly reports
• Corp-Distort-Delete: Distort your online accounts
• Pretext Solution: Pre-populate websites to remove your online information
• Digital Distortion: Promote positive or neutral information
• Alternative Digital Identities: Create websites, blogs and social sites that share your name

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“Google is not a search engine. It’s a reputation management system.”

Wired Magazine
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